CACLP sees a great sucees of UNITEN exhibition.
Date : 2020-08-24
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In this exhibition, UNITEN brought its star product adiponectin (ADPN), automatic glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer HA-120, automatic specific protein analysis system and UNITEN's new 2020 blockbuster antinuclear antibody test kit (ANAs) at Nanchang CACLP,showing the industry feast with a dazzling image, and became a beautiful scenery at CACLP exhibition.

The anti-nuclear antibody spectrum ANAs detection kit is an original product developed in-depth cooperation between UNITEN and the State Key Laboratory of Biomedical Technology of the University of Hong Kong. The product uses high-quality protein and is highly sensitive. It can quickly detect 19 indicators at a time, and only It takes 35 minutes to complete the test, and the test speed far exceeds that of domestic and foreign counterparts, providing a unique solution for autoimmune disease screening.