Uniten held the 2016 Mid-year Marketing Conference
Date : 2019-06-13
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On July 21st, Guangdong Uniten Biotechnology Co.,Ltd held the 2019 Mid-year Marketing Conference in its company headquarters at Song Shan Lake Dongguan Bio Technology Cooperation Center. The company’s executives and all the staffs participated in the conference and listened carefully to the mid-year report which is presented by the company’s president Mr. Lai. The report topic is “Unifying the thought, expanding the thinking, and work hard to make yourself’ dream come true”.
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The report pointed out: in this half year, Uniten has heritage the great development momentum from last year and has made a great start. Uniten has payed attention to the performance, R&D, teamwork and focus on building up confidence, in the road of pursuing our dreams, Uniten has established a unique development path which lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual sales target. Meanwhile, there are also some challenges occurred; it is unavoidable for a start-up enterprise.   

During the conference, Mr. Lai has put forward five requirements for all the employees: firstly, must unify thoughts and expanding the thinking. Second, the target direction must be consistent; power must be use toward the same direction. Third, we have to stand in a higher position to thinking problems and doing things. Forth, must resolutely obey the command of the company and perform the tasks assigned by the company without doubt. Fifth, the core of the work for the following half year is Improve performance, enhance R&D, and train teams.
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The report has described the actual situation of the company for the first half year, and it has pointed out the work direction and thoughts for the second half year. In the following three days, all employees in Uniten will be studying and discussing the Mid-Year Report in groups, and developing an effective work plan, use for guiding the daily work.